Bamboo logger Satoshi Matsumoto

竹林業 松本 聡
Nissin Rubber as rubber manufacturer, has developed a unique new technology for RALLY ROUND. It's a Bambrab sole. Its main materials are Japanese bamboo and natural rubber. The outsole and midsole, which are normally made from petroleum materials, are replaced with 94% plant-based materials. Moreover, the sole is 10% lighter and softer than regular rubber.

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Takahashi is a town rich in nature, and the people are warm and welcoming. It's not an environment where everything is available like in the city, but we can make experience a lot from nature is also my asset. I also like DIY that makes small things. Matsumoto Co., Ltd., where I work, is a manufacture that uses bamboo and bamboo skin as raw materials. There are parts where I can feel the functionality and potential, and I feel rewarded because I can contribute to local tourism, welfare, and school education with bamboo as a material. I would like to create a new market by creating new products rather than imitating existing ones. The term SDGs is widely used today, but our company has continued to make environmentally friendly products even before that. Bamboo is a sustainable resource with a rapid growth cycle.I want people to know that.
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