Please see this movie why RALLY ROUND want to make sneaker with sustainable materials.  

RALLY ROUND recognize sneakers manufacture using petroleum-derived materials which are currently the mainstream in the market as a problem.

RALLY ROUND's mission is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce plastic use by gathering various wisdom and ideas from within us and from around the world.

Regarding the means, we do not define stubborn and act flexibly, anticipating future changes in society and the possibility of new materials and technological innovation.

For example, the 1st model "PO-JA" released on October 28, 2023, is made of fast-growing bamboo and natural cork. This is because in the current market worn-out sneakers are often disposed of as "burnable garbage". We are taking action to reduce carbon footprint by using plant-based materials for the sneakers we manufacture. The collaboration model with Estonia to be released in December 2023 will use Scandinavian wool. This is because we believe that wool manufacturing, a traditional industry in Northern Europe, embodies a sustainable industrial model.

By co-creating with sustainable material suppliers and brands around the world, we will increase the number of action patterns and provide sneakers that are earth-friendly and stress-free.